The glorious 20’s will forever remind us of The Great Gatsby. It was a time for opulence, glitter, beading, dancing and singing. And it was so cool that we keep recreating it and adding our style to it because fashion keeps coming back to all the resources this decade gave us for clothing.

Of course, when you think about the 1920’s your mind goes straight to the flapper dress. The fringe and the sparkling details catch our eye from the very beginning, and again, fashion has been trying to emulate that same effect every now and then for decades. However, one of the most important things we have to consider when it comes to the 20’s is the silhouette. Nothing fitted, just boxy dresses that were more relaxed and fun. Why? Because in that time the ideal body didn’t have a small waist like we all dream about now, and dresses wanted to highlight another feature. Also, there’s life beyond the fringe, and 1920’s have a lot more to offer.

If you’re thinking about a vintage dress, this is a great decade to look into. You would look fabulous at parties and events without much effort.

Unique Vintage Women’s Del Rio Beaded Flapper Gatsby Dress

This is what we mean when we say there’s life beyond the fringe. The 1920’s had a preference for ‘midi’ length (actually, every decade before the 60’s did) and that calls for more loose fittings. One brand that’s particularly good at dressing you like you live in some other time it’s Unique Vintage, and you’ll confirm that through this post. This model is 100% nylon, and the biggest feature is its intricate hand beaded that will definitely stand out in any situation. One good thing about wearing vintage and retro clothing these days is that the pieces come with a modern edge. This dress, for example, has a little bit of a stretch quality, which makes it fitted. Two important things to have in mind: you can only wash this by hand if you want to last more than one party, and the slip you see in the photo is sold separately.

Women’s Victoria True Romance Vintage Style Party Dress in Smoke

True Romance Vintage Style Party Dress

The 20’s come with tulle, as well, as we can see on this party dress made by Nataya, another brand specialized in vintage-inspired clothing. As much as we mentioned that the ‘midi’ length was the favorite on this decade, a big evening called for long dresses, and this is a great choice even for our days. Imagine it for a ball or a wedding, with modern accessories… you’ll nail it! This dress biggest attractive are the ½ sleeves, these play with the concept of see-through and look absolutely great. The square necklines make it perfect for pairing both with earrings or a cute pendant, which will add sparkle to your outfit.

1920s “The Bosley” Silver Beaded Flapper with Beaded Fringe Dress

Unique Vintage 1920s Style Silver Beaded Fringe Bosley Flapper Dress

Here we go, we got to the fringes. This Unique Vintage dress is everything you think about when you think of the 20’s. First of all, it screams ‘Great Gatsby’ and second, it has all these amazing details that you are going to love. The drop waist is the biggest feature because it pretty much sticks to the original concept of the flapper dress. After you realize that, you can concentrate on the layers of intricate beading and fringe work that has been done here. The sleeveless silhouette makes it a fresh piece that you can pair with a jacket for your next cocktail party. With such an intricately made dress you won’t have to worry about wearing any other showstopper accessory.

Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Black Beaded Sleeveless Hawkins Flapper Dress

Unique Vintage Plus Size 1920s Black Beaded Sleeveless Hawkins Flapper Dress

Why do we need to include another fringed dress in our selection? Easy, this one has two features that make it stand of the pile. First, it’s basically the only fringe and beaded dress on the list that doesn’t require a separate slip to wear it down to perfection and second, and most important, it’s made exclusively for plus sizes. This baby goes all the way from 2X plus to 4X plus, and it features all the beauty of beading dress, combined with a perfect lining that includes some stretch (isn’t that incredible?), which will help to keep everything in place. And if you’re in the group that gets worried over little details, breathe in peace: this one has a clean-side zipper that will go unnoticeable.

Unique Vintage 1920s Beaded Black La Plante Chiffon Flapper Dress

Unique Vintage 1920s Beaded Black La Plante Chiffon Flapper Dress

The thing with beading is that it might be too much for some people. Not for me, but for some girls out there. And when you want to have a little sparkle with your 1920 inspired dress you can find it on this solution. Unique Vintage knows that is not always about the beading, but also about the quality of the fabric and a very nice silhouette. This dress, for example, features a drop waist fitting that goes perfectly with its ‘midi’ length. On the top part you can find beaded details that will highlight the straps and the center detail, pair with a see-through fabric. This material is very light, but you have to keep in mind that it doesn’t stretch at all.

1920’s Style Gatsby Tunic Top Evening Embellish Shift Dress Vintage Dress

1920s Style Gatsby Tunic Top Evening Embellish Shift Dress Vintage Dress

From a very light and discrete dress to a piece that will tell everyone you’re coming from a mile distance. This dress is made out polyester and chiffon, a combination that makes it light but strong enough to support the hand embroidery that it comes with. This option is great for a night party, in which you want to catch everyone’s attention. Trust me, you will get it. You have to take into consideration the fact that this dress can be a little heavier than anything in your closet, due to the embroidery weight. Also, consider that it goes from 02 to 26 in sizing, but the length is the same for all the options (90.53 cms or 35 inches).

1920’s Style Gatsby Tunic Top Evening Embellish Shift Dress Vintage Dress

Sometimes we think about getting a dress that will look expensive but at the same time not having to spend all our money on it, especially if it’s not a dress we’re going to wear on a regular basis. And as much as we love beading, we have to admit that we can’t always afford it. That’s why we have options like this Sakhee dress, with a very beautiful beading that is not excessive but it doesn’t leave you thinking about wanting more. This evening chiffon dress has a great embroidery design and a tunic silhouette, but you will notice that is a little shorter than all the other options, which makes it flirty and fun.


This summer, rompers are holding their position as the best and coolest clothes for the season. They are so adorable and fun to wear, and the right one can make your body look much better. Also, rompers are so easy to put on, and they are girls best friends on summer vacations because they don’t take too much space in the suitcase. When you have a romper, you have the whole outfit. I just love them because of that!

Then again there are so many mistakes that you can make if you don’t know what fits you well. They can make you look like you are in your pyjamas, or like a child if the fit is wrong. But don’t worry, we are here to help you.

If you are curvy, and your hips are wider than your shoulders, you have a pear shaped body. When you know your body type, you can easily decide what fits you well, and what kinds of clothes are making a balanced look.

Roxy Juniors Spin Sail Sleeveless Romper

Roxy Junior Sleeveless Romper

The first rule about choosing the right romper for the pear shaped body is to try to find rompers that are darker at the bottom. So this one is a school example what to buy to make a perfect balance.

This design is very cool and versatile, so it can be worn on many occasions such as brunch, party or just for a walk by the seashore.

Black and white are not even colours, so you can match them with all of the colours of this world.

For a clean look, just forget accessories and combine this romper with a cute clutch.

The back of this romper is sexy, there is only one strap on the back, so you can put your hair up and be the main star of the street.

Angie Women’s Bell Sleeve Romper

Angie Womens Bell Sleeve Romper

Another good advice for women who have wide hips is to put attention on the upper part of the body. With this Angie bell sleeve romper, the attention will be on the sleeves and on the neck.

Interesting print of this romper will make you look youthful and free-spirited, so it is a great pick for the beach. I would wear it with leather ankle wrap sandals. They can be combined with mules if you want to follow trends.

This fabric is very light and there is a drawstring on the waist so it can be adjusted to fit you even after a big juicy meal.

Sanctuary Clothing Women’s Soft Surplus Tencel Romper

Jeans is a huge trend this season. Yes dear, I know, again!

Maybe we can thank Rihanna and her music video “4,5 seconds” for this. I am not bothered with that, I just love jeans, and if you are also a fan of this fabric you should definitely buy this romper!

Ok, actually this romper is not made of denim, it is 100% Lyocell, wich makes it much lighter, and suitable for spring and summer. You can unbutton the upper part when you are feeling hot, and twist your sleeves.

It has interesting upper part with pockets, just like jeans shirt. Excellent for girls with flat chests. This washed out jeans romper go well with sandals, but also with sneakers, and I love wearing sneakers in the summer because I think I have ugly toes. I hope that you don’t have the same problem.

NY Collection Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Printed Romper

NY Collection Romper

Again, our aim is to focus the attention of a viewer on your face and your upper body. This pink line on the fabric is very helpful.
The stripes on this fabric are making you look taller, but it might not suit well to bigger girls. Tie waist makes this romper adjustable, and 3/4 sleeve are so cool. You can add a nice watch on your wrist, or some interesting bracelets. The shorts is free flowing and roomy, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Combine it with pink shoes, if you are so lucky to have them, or use the safe ones – nude heels.

If you are not a party girl, this romper will be a good companion if you match it with flat sandals and hat.

BCBGeneration Women’s Long-Sleeve Romper with Lace Neck

BCBGeneration Women's Long-Sleeve Romper with Lace Neck

You will get pure elegance with this lace collar and perfect shape of this romper. Black covers everything perfectly, makes you look so sophisticated even tough you are wearing a romper. Large cutout at centre front will put attention on your chests and not on your wide hips, and that is how you will profit from this look.

You will save your money on jewellery because this one doesn’t need any. Ok, maybe small effective earrings. If your legs aren’t as long as this, you have to wear heals, and it should be fine ankle heels just like in the picture.

Match clutch and earrings, or lipstick and clutch and you are ready to enjoy in compliments at every party this spring!

Guess Women’s Short Sleeve Anja Belted Faux Suede Romper

GUESS Women's Short Sleeve Anja Belted Faux Suede Romper

On this romper secret agent vibes are strong! Navy blue colour, zipper closure and detachable belt reminded me of all those female secret agents. They are smart and they only wear clothes that fit perfectly! So should you.

Reviewers said that this faux suede material is great, and some of them have bought this romper in both colours. Belt will make you look thinner, and short sleeves will make you look ready for work.

Navy blue is great with red, white and black so you can add those colours to this style.

And don’t forget your confidence, and smile. Those are essential accessories to every outfit!

Without any doubts, summer is one of the favorite seasons for everyone in general. The weather, the sun, the holidays are perfect for wearing clothes that are more comfortable and simple, yet stylish and cute. There are a lot of options when it comes to summer outfits, which most of the people love because they’re easy to put together.

There’s nothing as comfortable and cute for summer as dresses. We can use them to go to work, to be at home, to go to the beach or to a barbecue with friends, with a lot of different fabrics, cuts, and combinations. However, dresses can be tricky if we don’t choose the right one for our body type. This choice can be especially difficult for all the curvy girls out there, who are debating between showing off their beautiful bodies or covering it up a little bit.

Zoozie LA Women’s Off The Shoulder Knee Length Dress

Colorful and trendy… this dress is basically made for a perfect summer. The off-the-shoulder trend has been with us for a few seasons now, and it’s going to be one of the highlights of next summer… again.

And although we’re used to seeing this kind of dresses in a more ‘loose’ shape, the belt strap gives a lot of structure, perfect for those ones who like to accentuate the waist.

Made of polyester, the print on this dress will cheer you up any day of the week and its knee-length makes it perfect for a wide variety of occasions. Pair it with flat sandals for a normal day or with nude heels for a more elegant occasion.

Available in multiple colors

S.L. Fashions Women’s Plus-Size Printed Mesh Dress with Satin Trim

Highlight the waist is for sure the best way to enhance your curves and give the body that hourglass shape we all love. This task can be easily done with either a fit dress or one that has a boxy silhouette but comes with a trim, like this one.

Sleeveless and with a knee-length, is definitely perfect for a bunch of summer events. The fabric is polyester, but the pleated skirt makes it look like a million dollars and the quality of the whole product is undeniable.

The print is also very flattering and strategic, and this dress has a special feature: a keyhole in back with button, perfect to make sure that your cute belt doesn’t go out of place.

Clothink Women Blue Stripes Off Shoulder Ruffle Shift Dress

Of course, we had to cover the original off-the-shoulder style, so comfortable and stylish you are going to wish you can wear every single day of the week during the whole summer.

Asian made. The best feature about this dress is its price, so affordable that it makes the perfect trendy purchase.

You won’t have to worry about investing a lot of money on a dress that will probably be in the back of your closet soon (although you might want to keep it around because fashion is a cycle at everything comes back).

The ruffle in the top part is classic in this style and will make this dress your new favorite to use with your swimsuit.

Available in multiple colors

Vince Camuto Women’s Spaghetti Fit-and-Flare Printed Dress

And from the most affordable to the one dress that is definitely considered an investment. This Vince Camuto floral dress is a must in your closet for many reasons: the shape, that highlights the waist, gives you an optical balance.

Details like the pleated skirt and the neckline make it really chic and elegant, but the floral print keeps it fresh.

It’s made of polyester and spandex, and it comes with a polyester lining to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.

This option will be perfect for a cocktail reception or an outdoor wedding (pair it with a nice fascinator, you’ll be the queen of the event) at it’s all you need to shine. With a back zipper, it will be easier to put on and off.

Verdusa Women’s Bohemian Backless Spaghetti Strap Loose Maxi Beach Dress

And despite all the efforts for encouraging women to embrace their curves, there are still some out there who are not particularly comfortable with these options and would prefer to have a more relaxed and loose alternative.

And if you pick a cool chic option this doesn’t have to be a problem. This Verdusa maxi dress with spaghetti straps is perfect for the curvy girls and the not so curvy who want a good simple outfit for the beach.

Made out of polyester and nylon, it features adjustable straps so you can make it even more fit to your style. An excellent choice for the boho girl inside you.

LookbookStore Women’s Plus Size Black V Neck Short Sleeves Long Maxi Dress

Repeat this and make it your mantra: wrap dresses are a girl’s best friends. Not diamonds, not chocolate, this dress will make you look like a princess no matter which one is your body type.

This option, made out of polyester and 5% spandex, creates a comfortable and flattering combination that will embrace your curls and let you shine.

Its length makes it perfect for a summer dress up party, paired with sandals and a cute clutch for the fresh nights of the season. And if you think that black is not such a festive option, there’s always more.

Different colors available…

You are probably wondering how to upgrade your winter style game. Lucky you, you came to the right place! We have a solution, and it is called infinite scarves. These scarves are just like regular scarves, with one exception: these don’t have the beginning or the ending. They are infinite, just like our love for a perfect style.

You can combine them with your winter clothes if they are made of warm materials, but you can also choose lightly weighted ones and wear them throughout the year. The greatest thing about these scarves is the fact that they make you look like a pro in wearing scarves.

Scarfand’s Plaid & Tartan Infinity Scarf

Tartan is a good choice when it comes to choosing the scarf that can be worn with different garments. For example, this one on the picture can be worn with red, black, brown or gray coat or jacket. And this is not the only pattern this company is offering in this price range!

I would recommend you to chek out burgundy, and black blue version. Those are my personal favorites.

Women who have bought this scarf are leaving excellent reviews. They say it is light and warm, and long enough to go around the neck two times.

Multiple Colors available!

Wrapables Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf

Wrapables Thick Knitted Winter Warm Infinity Scarf

I am a big fan of bright colors because I think that clothes should cheer us up. Especially with accessories like scarves.

In winter time we tend to wear more plain outfits, but with this infinity scarf from Wrapables, you won’t feel like plain Jane. This scarf on the picture would be a great match with a yellow jacket or yellow rubber boots.

Still, if you prefer not to give accent on your scarf, then you can choose those which are made in one color. There are 42 different style options, and all of them are commented as pretty warm and cozy around your neck.

Multiple Colors Available!

Wrapables Soft Winter Warm Scarf

As the previous one, this circle scarf is not very long, so it goes near your neck and hugs it perfectly. Soft pink tone gives it perfect dose of charm and makes it easy to combine with your lighter clothes and coats.

Knitting is done great and women who have bought this one emphasize that it looks like just the one that you can find in cool stores, but it has a lower price.

It is made out of acrylic which means it is very soft and provides excellent warmth without any extra weight.

Multiple Colors Available!

NEOSAN Women’s Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf

NEOSAN Womens Thick Ribbed Knit Winter Infinity Circle Loop Scarf

Chili winter demands chunky scarves! Elegant and white as the snow itself this scarf is a perfect item for stylish women all over the Instagram. I mean all over the world. You know what I mean. It is just Instagram ready infinite scarf!
You can choose between 28 different colors, and my favorites are twisted ones. Those look rich, and more warm to me.

The length of these scarves allows you to wrap them around your neck twice, or to use one layer to cover your head and keep it from cold weather.

Multiple Colors Available!

NYFASHION101® Soft Winter Warm Chunky Knit Cowl Infinity Loop Scarf

NYFASHION101 Soft Winter Warm Chunky Knit Cowl Infinity Loop Scarf

This one is a keeper, at least that is what the reviewers say. It is long enough to wrap it twice around your neck, and it can still hang a little bit.

This olive color is great if your jacket is in the shade of green, and it probably is, because everybody has one of these this year.

Quite detailed with chunky knits, and great colors, it can be perfect for everyday use. Another cool thing in this period of the year it that it can be gift-wrapped, so you can get one for you, and one for your beloved friends or family members.

Multiple Colors Available!

Women’s Arrow Patterned Infinity Scarf with Zipper Pocket

Just wait. Did I understand this right? Scarf with a zipper pocket? Maybe sometimes it is not enough to be the first in wearing something as cool as a patterned infinity scarf, maybe you should aim for more, and get patterned infinity scarf with the zipper pocket.

This scarf is also light weighted, and the zipper is not very visible, so you can choose not to use it if you don’t need it. But why wouldn’t you use it for your money, cards or passport when you need your hand free for your daily activities.

Another thing makes this scarf different than previous ones, and that is the fact that you can wear it all year round since its great for layering.

Multiple Colors Available!

Vivian & Vincent 2 Pack of Soft Light Weight Elegant Sheer Infinity Scarf (Gift Idea)

This design put me in a holiday spirit and made me play the song “Last Christmas” on my music player. It also made me think how I can buy a lot of these scarves because they come in so many different colors and designs and they are not pricey.

There are those with snowflakes, and Christmas trees, but there are also those with cats, owls, and other hipster things… If you are not in a Christmasy mood these days, you can choose chevron or circle coral design.

With this offer from Vivian & Vincent, you can get two for the same price as some of those plain looking scarves.

Multiple Colors Available!

Scarfand’s Leopard Infinity Scarf

Leopard print is for real fashionistas because it gives your outfit right amount of extravagance. For the same price you can choose between different leopard prints, but in my opinion, this one on the picture looks the most expensive.

As the those above, this scarf is very light abut it can be worn during winter time. It is easily paired with black, brown or beige coats.

Although its fabric is very light, when you wrap it around your neck, it makes you warm, and if you feel like it is too hot in the room, you can loosen it up, and give your neck some space.

Multiple Colors Available!

There are purses, satchels, tote bags and the ever so cute backpacks. Other than pockets, these bags help us carry all of our belongings while we galavant around town to run errands, go to class, or just take a stroll downtown. Now don’t get us wrong we love our handbags, but we are a little partial to backpacks! Because of our backpack obsession we’ve curated a list of the 6 best backpacks for women! These backpacks range from boho to edgy backpack styles and some others in between. Backpacks are great from daytrips or anything active that may call for secure mobility and the usage of 2 hands. These backpacks will have you trading in that purse as soon as your order comes in, so go ahead and check these bags below!

French Connection Kim Backpack

French Connection is known for its high quality clothing and this accessory is no exception! This French Connection backpack looks exactly like a purse, but it comes with some awesome features!

This backpack has 2 slip pockets and 1 zip closure pocket on the interior of the bag. It also has 3 exterior zip closure pockets. It also has adjustable and detachable backpack straps, so you are able to fit the right fit! This backpack is currently available in 2 colors; black and blue. There a large price difference between the colors, so be sure to check out the difference before purchase.

Customers love this backpack purse, because of the amount of space and pockets. They also love its versatility. It can be used as a backpack, a regular purse, or a crossbody bag!

Multiple colors available.

Coofit Leather Backpack


This Coofit backpack is super cute and the pink colors make you think of cotton candy! The backpack size is 26 x 11 x 30 cm. The site says it has a little leather smell and the color might be a little of due to lighting and coloration. Therefore be cautious of that before purchase.

This Coofit backpack has 2 outside pockets and 1 zipper pocket on the back. In the interior there are 2 small pockets for a mobile device, 1 medium size pocket, and 2 zip closure pockets.

This bag comes in four different colors; beige, pink, rose, and black. Customers love this bag, because they say it is a nice small size and a cute style!

Multiple colors available.

Vera Bradley Preppy Poly Backpack

Vera Bradley Preppy Poly Backpack

Vera Bradley trades in its signature patterns and prints for these super cute and sleek looking bags. Customers are loving this style and we are sure you will too!

This backpack is lightweight and is made from water repellent fabric. The straps are also adjustable, so you are able to find that perfect fit. The backpack size is 5 x 12 x 11. There is a front zip closure pocket hidden behind the front seam and a slip pocket on the back. On the interior there is a large compartment, then a zip closure pocket and a slip pocket. The backpack closes with a drawstring and a snap closure.

It is available in 7colors; black, citrine, cobalt stripe, mint, orange, sky blue, tango red, and toast. Customers love this backpack saying it is great for daytrips and it has fantastic functionality/durability! They also love the super cute look!

Multiple colors available.

Roxy Savanna Cay Backpack

Roxy is known for active sportswear and fun accessories for the girls who like to get outside and be a little more adventurous. This boho style backpack is great for that girl who wants to explore.

This bag is 100% cotton, with padded shoulder straps, and a drawstring cord for closure. This backpack has one main compartment and a zip closure pocket on the inside. This backpack is currently only available in the color, True Black. This bag is great for a day of adventure or a relaxing day at the beach.

Customers gave this backpack 5 stars because of the amount of space and the great quality! Roxy products are great and this bag wont disappoint.

Lucky Brand Nyla Backpack

This Lucky Brand backpack is definitely on the pricier side, but with its top notch quality and unique style this will be a bag that you will use way more than once.

This boho style backpack has a 17.5” shoulder drop, it is 13” high, and it is 10” wide. This leather magnetic snap closure backpack has 2 interior slip pockets and 1 back zip closure pocket. It also has super cute hassle detailing on the closure and a Lucky Brand keychain! This backpack is currently only available in the color Tobacco.

Customers love this purchase, because of its roominess and cute boho style! You’ll feel totally boho chic with this strapped to your back!

Sakroots Backpack

This Sakroots backpack is a coated canvas and perfect for that boho babe. There is a zip closure front and middle pocket. The interior is one large comaprtment has a padded pocket and a middle zipper closure pocket with seperate sections.

This backpack also comes with a super cute wristlet of the same print, so that is a great bonus! The coolest feature of this bag is its built-in powerbank of 2500mah. The backpack is 9 x 4 x 13 and a 31 inch drop. The wristlet is 8.9 x 0.4 x 5.3 and a 6 inch drop. This backpack is available in 8 different prints!

Customers are ranting and raving about their Sakroots backpack because of it Style/design and awesome features!

Multiple colors available.

No matter where your day takes you, these totally trendy backpacks will have you covered by holding anything you will need! There are backpacks for any style and they are always a great accessory to have handy. We hope you are totally falling for our choices for the 6 best backpacks for women! What style is your favorite? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

What would be of women’s life without our purses? No, really… can you imagine going through life without not having a cute place to put all your stuff and that also speaks about your style and preferences? Because I simply can’t do it.

A handbag is one of the most important things in women’s wardrobe and it certainly becomes an investment, because you don’t want to be shopping for one every single day. And of course you’ve got to own different handbags, but the best thing you can do is try to have a few that go with everything and are big enough to fit your whole life in there. Well, basically your everyday life. The only bad thing is that not all of us can afford a real leather handbag, which would be the best decision. But a lot of brands have great offer in other materials that look like leather for a very good price, and there are even some vegan options out there. So let’s check them out.

A X Armani Exchange Petite Faux Leather Bucket Bag

Asides from the all-time favorite, the tote, there are some bag models that are huge trends this season. That’s why I present to you: the bucket bag. And of course, you can find very good faux leather options, such as this taupe beauty from A X Armani Exchange. This is a petite size bag, so don’t expect to fit your laptop on this one. However, it’s made entirely out of polyurethane, to make it really light. The interior has a synthetic lining and the closure is drawstring, like our backpacks from the past. And of course, it features the shoulder strap that you can use on one side or cross body style.

ZAC Zac Posen Womens Eartha Belted Shopper

A tote bag is definitely one of the best purchases you’re going to do in your life, because this bag can fit everything and works for anything. You can take it to the airport, to the office, to the weekend… and the list keeps growing. And if on top of that you get a black tote, you will have half of your closet covered. ZAC Zac Posen is the affordable line of this famous designer, who’s being doing a great work with fancy-looking purses. This one features strap accents and metal hardware details, as well as a fat shoulder strap. The large slip pocket in the back is really useful, and the interior is as spacious as a bag can be. It also includes an inside larges slip pocket. This is for sure the bag you need.

Kate Spade Faye Drive Hallie Elisabeth Crossbody Tote Bag

I know I’m not the only one who loves dressing with neutral colors and then have a bright pop with the accessories. And that’s exactly what this Kate Spade bag will do for your outfit, brighten it up to the limits of your imagination. Don’t let the photo fool you, the size is pretty amazing: approximate dimensions are 11.7” height x 12.5” wide, with a 9” drop length. It features a soft pebbled cowhide with matching trim and 14 karat gold pleated hardware for that rich look we’re all going for. It opens at the top with a zipper and on the interior there’s a faux nappa lamb lining and an interior zip pocket. The icing on the cake is the protective metal feet, in case you don’t want your bag to touch the floor (I don’t think any of us do).

Sam Edelman Sienna

Who says you can’t have an ‘exotic’ bag that is not made out of leather and still look like a million dollars? At Sam Edelman the certainly know we need variety on our purse collection, so they came up with this incredible cross body with contrasting faux leather, combining faux python and suede. Although is not exactly a bag you can carry everywhere, is very comfortable for relaxed occasions and light errands around town. The lining is made out of cotton, which guarantees a very light bag, something you should always be thankful for. On the inside you will find a back wall zip pocket and a side slip pocket, to keep things organized.

Betsey Johnson Satchel with Patches

If we’re talking about brands who do an excellent job, we have to mention Betsey Johnson and their incredible playful bags. Can you believe this one actually comes with permanent adhesive patches? Because I’ve never heard of something more fun than that! This bag is a great deal with stripes and gold-tone hardware and logo. The interior Interior features floral lining, 1 zip pocket, 1 slip pocket and 1 key finder; triple compartment design with center zip compartment and 2 open compartments. Also, you can carry it in two different ways: with the double handle or cross body style, that last strap you can remove it anytime you want.

Elliott Lucca Jules Totes

Florals are also a big thing for leather goods, including those ones that are not entirely made out of leather. This Elliott Lucca bag has a polyester and faux leather combination, which gives the bag a light weight and adaptable form. The lining is also synthetic, and the closure is magnetic, so you don’t have to spend time closing a zipper. On the inside you will find two interior slips and one interior zip. The shoulder strap makes it very convenient to carry around and if you need more colors by any chance, you have more options, all with beautiful floral themes.

GUESS Kingsley Large Zip Around Wallet

Even if we choose to have faux leather for environmental reasons, that doesn’t have to end with us not carrying around nice bags. Take this Guess bag, for example, and tell me you can see the different in a picture. This is Saffiano faux leather and it comes with two 7-3/4” drop handles. The pale shiny gold-tone hardware gives the whole piece a very elegant looking, with 4G logo charm and signature lettering. On the inside, you will find a triple compartment design with center magnetic snap closure and two zip closures. Definitely a great option for your everyday business, and this bag will totally catch people’s eyes.

Ivanka Trump Alexy Tote

Before we got her name into her dad’s controversy and weird ideas, the Ivanka Trump brand made a name for itself, with very affordable a quality-looking accessories, such as shoes, wallets and, of course, handbags. And you have to admit, this bag looks very New York and of course, very, very chic. The color is everything but casual and it will drag everyone’s attention, so you’re half way there. The fabric is polyvinyl chloride, which gives us an affordable option to wear every day. The lining is made out of polyester and if you thought you could get this for a nice price, I’ve saved the best for last: the bag comes with a removable pouch that you can even use separately or even for keeping this on the inside organized, such as makeup or other small things.

LAUREN Ralph Lauren Paley Lauryn Bag-in-Bag Tote – Black window

One of the reasons everyone should also live totes for is that, lately, this beauties have been trying to give us something more. And Ralph Lauren’s affordable line thought very wisely that ‘something’ more means an extra bag. In this case, a removable zip pouch that you can use as a separate bag, as I do all the time. This graphic-print tote is perfect for carrying all your essentials, because it has a roomy interior and beautiful details, such as sleek polished hardware. It also has an exterior zip pocket for everything you need and double straps for more comfort. Measures are 11-1/2” wide and 12” height, so it’s pretty much a bag to fit everything.

Steve Madden Bjamba Mixed Media Crossbody Bag

Would you like to have the trendiest bag models at a price that doesn’t hurt your budget? Why you haven’t take a look at Steve Madden yet? This brand have been creating trendy, hip and fun bags for years, at a price you can pay without going broke. With five different colors and combination options, you will get a mixed media design exterior with front zipper pocket and a very nice ‘patchwork’ style. The interior is fully lined and it has the Steve Madden logo in it, alongside with a zip pocket and 2 slip pockets. This can be an everyday bag if you’re more of a practical girl who likes to keep things simple and carry only the essentials.